Orthotic Treatment

Flat Feet,   High-arches,  Bunions,   Achilles Tendon Issues,  Shin Splints

 Orthotic Eltham Greensborough Podiatrist

Orthotics or orthoses are specially designed devices to wear in your shoes which can help to support, align or improve function in the feet and ankles.  There are different types of orthoses, ranging from functional to cushioning, your own particular needs will be explained when discussing orthoses with your podiatrist.  The aim in most cases is to reduce stress and pressure on particular structures allowing better function, healing and also preventing further injury.


Many painful conditions involving the lower limbs can often be attributed to a person’s biomechanics or the way a person stands or bears weight when they walk.  Mal-alignment of the foot joints or heel bone can play a direct or indirect role on how the rest of the body functions. So if the foot functions incorrectly, so may the rest of the body, therefore increasing risk of future degeneration, injury and arthritis.   Insufficient shock absorption within the foot will lead to the shock travelling up the shin bone and into the knee, hip and back.

 Orthotics Eltham Greensborough Podiatrist

‘Does Everyone Need Customised Orthotics?’

Quest Podiatry stocks a range of options for orthoses, to suit every need and budget, from packet orthotics, to semi-customised and fully-customised orthotics.


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