Warts / Verrucae / Papillomas

Warts on the feet often do not look like those on hands or other parts of the body. Instead of being raised they are often flattened if on an area of pressure of the foot.

The small lesions can become larger if left untreated. They may be painful, and appear to have small black dots in the center. They are sometimes described to have a cauliflower appearance to them. 

At Quest Podiatry we have a selection of treatments for warts, depending on the nature of the lesion and the patient. Warts can be quite virulent and whilst there are at home remedies these are often not strong enough. Care should also be taken so as not to cause scar tissue to develop which is permanent and often painful.  Quest Podiatry has  access to a chemical treatment developed by a Canadian company which is much more effective than liquid nitrogen (dry ice) and has the advantage of not risking scarring the foot.  Please talk to your podiatrist about the best treatment method for you.


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