Sports Podiatry

Most sports people rely in some way on their foot health to maintain their performance.  Running can cause three to four times our body weight to travel through our feet, demonstrating the importance of a foot to function in an optimal manner.

Quest Podiatry has experience in numerous sports, and is able to asses, dignose and treat sporting injuries, including advice regarding reab, prevention of injury and footwear advice. 

Even a tiny irregularity in the way a foot takes weight, compounded by many step may lead to significant injury.  Early prevention is the best path, however the early an injury can be dignosed the quicker the recovery will be. A typical plan of treatment may include muscle stretching, muscle strengthening, advice on correct footwear, and possibly an orthotic device. For more information regarding our orthoses, please see our orthotics treatment page.


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A podiatrist can:

  • Help to Prevent Injury
  • Help to overcome an injury
  • Provide an orthotic prescription
  • Help with sports shoe selection
  • Assess your running style
  • Provide you with exercise and training tips to help your feet.

Heel pain, Achilles Tendon Pain, Shin Splints, Stress Fractures, Ankle Sprains are all commonly experienced by athletes and are just some of the ailments which can be assessed and treated by a podiatrist.


Heel pain

Heel Pain can be a result of a number of different causes, such as plantar fasciitis, Bruising of the heel bone, heel spur, bursitis, impingement of a nerve or Achilles tendonopathy.  


Achilles tendon

Problems with the Achilles tendon can occur in athletes and non-sporting people alike. A frustrating injury, which takes time and a multidisciplinary approach to allow healing. 


Shin Splints



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