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NNail Fungus Eltham Greensborough Podiatryail Problems

Nail changes and problems can occur at any age, they can cause pain and discomfort or simply be unsightly.  Some changes are normal as we age and as the nail is subject to pressure and stress from injury, shoes and other events.  Fungal infections of the nail are common, as are problems resulting from sporting injuries.  Other causes of changes to the nail are poor circulation, growths under the nails, or trauma.


 Corns and Callous

Are caused by too much pressure or friction on an area of skin, if left to build up too far can become painful. An area with pinpoint pressure, often over a bony prominence can often develop into a corn, with a hard centre, or if between the toes can be soft and moist.  Patients with a corn often tell of the feeling of a hot pebble in their skin. A podiatrist can assist with these problems by painlessly removing these thickened areas.



Otherwise known as papillomas, verrucae or plantar warts are a viral infection of the skin, easily caught or spread.  The most common areas causing infection are public showers and change rooms such as at the swimming pool or gym. These lesions can become painful, especially if located in an area that bears weight. The body’s immune system plays a large role in the resolution of a wart, but often requires external help and treatment. Quest Podiatry offers many treatment options exist such as use of acid treatment, use of natural therapies and use of liquid nitrogen, or dry ice. These treatment options should be carefully considered and discussed with your podiatrist.



Otherwise known as Athlete’s Foot is a fungal infection of the skin, which is easily spread to the nails. The infecting fungus thrives in warm moist environments such as gym or running shoes and easily spread through areas like public showers and change rooms. It can be appear as red and scaly skin, often itchy and can be found either between the toes or on the sole of the foot.



Cracked Heels
Generally due to dry skin under friction do look unsightly and can also cause significant discomfort.  The skin cracks due to loss of elasticity usually when the skin is too dry or under pressure.  This problem can be easily attended to by Quest Podiatry, taking away the overlying callous and treating the cracks, and also offering advice for ongoing care to prevent the cracks from re-occurring.

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