What Payment Options are There?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, EFTPOS and Cash.imageimageimage


Do I Need a Referral?

Generally no, however Department of Veteran’s Affairs and Medicare (Chronic Disease Management Plan or EPC) will require a referral from their GP.


Can I Use My Private Health Insurance?

HICAPS facilities, or on-the-spot claiming is available for patients who have eligible extras cover on through their health fund. 

Quest Podiatry is a preferred provider for Medibank Private and HCF.



Will Medicare Cover the Cost?

Medicare will only cover the consultation cost if the patient has a Chronic Disease Management or EPC referral from their GP. In this case the consultation can be bulk billed. This referral should be present at the time of consultation.


Will Veteran’s Affairs Cover My Cost with My Gold Card?

Yes, no out of pocket expenses will apply should a gold card and referral from your GP. White and Green cards are also accepted with restrictions, please discuss with your doctor or DVA on 133 254. imageimage

We can also prescribe DVA funded footwear if required.


What Should I Bring to My Appointment?

Please bring along any referral or letter from a health practitioner, previous x-rays or scans, along with a current list of medications. Any previously issued orthoses and also any footwear you frequently wear are also very useful.


My Child Has Flat Feet – Should we do anything?

As a very young child, all feet will be ‘flat’ in appearance, but as the child approaches kinder and school age, the arches should lift as the muscles develop.

If you child complains of sore/tired legs or feet, if they often trip, if they have abnormal shoe wear, or if you have general concerns, an assessment is always a good idea. If intervention is required, it is easier to train a younger foot out of an abnormality easier than an older foot.



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