Diabetes Care and Monitoring

Diabetes causes the foot to be at increased risk of complications relating to the nerve system and arterial system. 

The Diabetes Association of Australia recommends a twelve monthly assessment of your neurovascular status, including how healthy your nerves and blood supply are, more regularly if issues or problems are present.

Quest Podiatry is able to complete this assessment and report the results back to your doctor and specialists as required.  Education of the patient is thoroughly undertaken to ensure the patient is aware of the best ways of preventing and identifying problems or complications. 


‘ But My Diabetes is Only Mild?’

Prevention is the best medicine, and a crucial part of our specialised assessments focus on the education of the patientin regards to how to best take care of the feet now and prevent complications in the future. 


Nerve Damage can reduce feeling or cause strange feelings in the feet.

Poor Circulation to the feet means less blood to the area leading to slower healing rates.


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