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 06th August 2013


Natural movement of the foot as we walk involves rolling in of the foot called ‘Pronation’ which is necessary to absorb the shock of ground impact.  When an excessive amount of this pronation occurs, the arches of the foot undergo increased pressure, and can cause it to collapse. In this case, the ligaments, tendons, joints, and muscles of the foot are strained under the excessive load. 

An overuse injury can occur in these conditions, and make up a large part of today’s most common foot injuries.

 supination eltham greensborough podiatristpronation eltham greensborough podiatry

Some of the most common foot pains caused by excessive pronation are.

  • Tired Achy Legs
  • Knee Pain
  • Shin Pain
  • Bunions
  • Heel Pain/Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Spur
  • Metatarsalgia / Ball of Foot Pain 
  • Lower Back Pain

A supportive pair of shoes will assist this condition, but in more severe cases an insole or insert placed under the foot to correct the posture and biomechanics of the foot is required. Your Podiatrist at Quest Podiatry can assess your needs for support for your feet should you have any of the above symptoms.

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