Shin Splints and Shin Pain

Shin pain can originate in one of a few structures, including bone, muscles, tendons or the area where the muscle inserts onto the bone.

Shin splints are an inflammatory condition of the front of the leg bone, they cause pain in the front of the shin region, often closer to the middle of the body.

One of the major contributing factors of shin pain in all areas (bone, bony lining and muscles) is overloading the muscles of the lower extremities usually caused by poor foot position and  biomechanics.

Poor shock absorption at the foot can add to the stress in the front of the lower leg bone. Very tight calf muscles, poor training methods and conditioning, improper training surfaces and incorrect footwear all play a large role in the development of this condition.

An exact dignosis is essential as is the causative factors to be able to implement proper treatment regimes.  Some different treatment options which may be neccessary are:

  • Orthotics – Foot and leg mal-alignment is corrected.
  • Footwear advice
  • Exercises – Stretching and strengthening of muscles
  • Training regime errors addressed, including considerations of terrain
  • Deep tissue massage.
  • Rest may be advised if there is stress fractures. Stress fractures can take many months to heal.   Sometimes requiring cam walker boot or crutches. During this time non weight bearing exercises may be advised (swimming, cycling) to maintain fitness levels.


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