Flat Feet


“Flat feet” is a condition in which the feet are “rolling in” when a person is standing, walking or running. This gives the appearance that there is a loss of the arch of the foot.

Some feet appear to be very flat and other feet can have an arch when standing but during walking or running the arch can partially collapse. This movement is called Pronation.

People with flat feet are not neccessary in a bad way, but can be  prone to tired and aching feet. This is because of fatigue in the muscles, tendons as the have to work harder to  raise the arch up and the ligaments supporting the joints can become stretched. 


There are many causes of flat feet and abnormal pronation:

  • Hereditary  conditions
  • Abnormal muscle function and structure
  • Abnormal leg rotations
  • Poor pelvic alignment causing leg length difference
  • Spinal conditions (e.g. Scoliosis)
  • Neurological disorders (e.g. Cerebral Palsy)

How and how much flat feet affects a person varies greatly, symptoms can range and present in the feet, heels, kness, hips and even back. If our body is well aligned it will be able to functiona t its best. Improving the alignment and functional posture of the foot and ankle reduces stress on structure all the way up the body chain.


If you are having issues with sore tired feet seeing your podiatrist for some information to help will ease the burden of the extra discomfort you dont need!


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